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BCCG Program

British Columbia Certificate of Graduation (BCCG)

Students who complete VIC’s BCCG Program will graduate with the B.C. Dogwood Diploma.

In order to enter the BCCG Program, students must complete ESL Level 5 (Advanced) or take the VIC English Placement Test in order to determine their English language level. Alternatively, students can provide an IELTS score or evidence that they successfully completed an English course at a certified B.C. secondary school. Each student’s documents or test results will be assessed to determine whether they need to enroll in VIC ESL courses or whether they can go directly into BCCG credit courses. The table below is an example of how English Placement Test results and IELTS scores may be assessed in order to determine placement.


English Placement Test Score IELTS Score VIC ESL Placement
 90%+ 6.5 or above BCCG Program
 80-90% 6.0 ESL Level 5
60-80% 5.5 ESL Level 4
 40-60% 5.0 ESL Level 3
 20-40% 4.5 ESL Level 2
0-20% 4.0 or below ESL Level 1

For more information about ESL programs, click here.

In order to graduate from the BCCG Program, students must meet the B.C. 2004 Graduation Requirements set out by the Ministry of Education. A chart of the requirements is shown below. For more information, see the B.C. Grad Planner.


Students who have already taken some of all of secondary school in another country may earn some of the required credits through prior learning assessment. VIC will assess each student’s transcripts in order to determine the number of credits that can be granted due to prior learning. For example, if you have completed Grade 10 in your home country and you provide a notarized transcript, you may be granted credits for courses like Mathematics 10, Science 10, Social Studies 10, and Physical Education 10.

However, according to the International Student Graduation Credit Policy, all international students must earn credit for the following courses through a B.C. certified teacher and cannot be granted equivalency for prior learning:

  • Language Arts 11
  • Language Arts 12
  • Social Studies 11
  • Science 11 or 12
  • Mathematics 11 or 12
  • Planning 10

In addition to the courses required by the Ministry, students must earn a minimum of 28 credits for elective courses of their choice, selected from the full list of courses available at VIC. Elective credits allow students to build an educational program that suits their individual interests and meets university, college, apprenticeship, and/or work requirements.

Examples of elective courses typically offered at VIC:

  • Biology 11 (4 credits)
  • Biology 12 (4 credits)
  • Physics 11 (4 credits)
  • Physics 12 (4 credits)
  • Chemistry 11 (4 credits)
  • Chemistry 12 (4 credits)
  • Calculus 12 (4 credits)
  • Economics 12 (4 credits)*
  • Geography 12 (4 credits)
  • English Literature 12 (4 credits)
  • History 12 (4 credits)

*Economics 12 meets the Fine Arts/Applied Skills requirement.

VIC’s BCCG Program is offered on a trimester system, meaning that we offer three semesters plus a summer semester each year. Each semester lasts approximately 14 weeks and each course is taught approximately two hours per day, Monday through Friday. For more information about our semesters, see the Important Dates page.

Three courses per semester is considered a full course load. Full-time students attend school from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday with several short breaks throughout the day and a long lunch break between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Check out a sample BCCG Student Schedule below.


VIC is committed to maintaining small classes taught by teachers who are passionate about their craft. VIC’s BCCG courses are all taught by Ministry-certified teachers.