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All students at Vancouver International College are assigned a counsellor. These helpful mentors are responsible for overseeing the academic as well as the extracurricular and social development of each student assigned to them; they also operate as the main contact between VIC and students’ families. Students are encouraged to refer any problems, scholastic or otherwise, first to them. As necessary, the counsellor will draw the student’s teachers and other staff with specialized knowledge or skills into the discussions and meetings to resolve students’ issues.

Counsellors will assist you with many aspects of your educational life, including:

  • Providing any needed assistance to help improve study habits, attendance, and academic performance.
  • Preparing educational goals to match your career plans and future aspirations.
  • Assisting with course selection, and giving additional support in the event of academic difficulties.
  • Offering information about admission requirements to Canadian colleges and universities and helping you choose programs best suited to your personal ambitions.
  • Helping you to prepare your university applications and other required documents before the prescribed deadlines.