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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees


Programs and Courses

Registration Fee

ESL Session (7-Week Program, Full-Time, 5 Days/Week)

EAP Session (5-Week Program, Full-Time, 6 Days/Week)

BCCG Course (4 Credits)

UBC/UT Course (4 Credits)

PU Course (4 Credits)

IELTS Preparation Course (14-Week Program, 2 Hours/Day, 5 Days/Week)

Workbooks and Textbooks

Listening and Speaking Workbook (Per Level)

Reading and Writing Workbook (Per Level)

Grammar Workbook (Per Level)

Reason to Write Workbook (Per Level)

BCCG Textbook (Refundable Deposit)
$100.00 – $150.00


Homestay Placement (Student 16+)

Homestay Placement (Student Under 16)

Homestay Fee (Monthly)
$1,000.00 – $1,400.00

Airport Pickup

Custodianship Placement

Custodianship Fee (Annually)

Accepted Forms of Payment:

  • Bank Transfer (See Account Information Below)
  • Cheques (Payable to Vancouver International College)
  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card (Subject to 5% Surcharge)

Name of the Beneficiary: Vancouver International College
Address of the Beneficiary: 628 Sixth Avenue, Suite 600, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada V3M 6Z1
Beneficiary Bank: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Address of the Branch: 554 6th Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada V3L 3B5
Bank Number: 010
Branch Transit Number: 00520
Account Number: 9703217
Swift Code: CIBCCATT

Tuition Refund Policy:

  1. Application/Registration fees and other administrative charges (textbooks, supplies and accommodation etc.) are NON-REFUNDABLE and are NOT included in the tuition fee.

  2. All students must pay the annual tuition fee (including two semesters) before the start date of the first semester. Students may start or continue their program only after the tuition and other administrative fees are paid in full.

  3. The tuition payment deadline is the last Friday before the start of the first semester of the academic year. The penalty for overdue payment is 2% compounded per week.

  4. International students CANNOT terminate the visa application process and CANNOT claim for a tuition refund during the process of applying for student authorization, except under the following circumstances: (A) The student has lost his or her learning and financial capability as a result of a severe injury or death of the student or of the principal sponsor, and will be consequently unable to attend school. In this case the student or the principal sponsor must provide the College with proof of a notarized certificate issued by a Coroner’s Office or a certified letter of health status from a municipal public hospital recognized by the government of the student’s home country. (B) The student’s application for a study permit has been declined by the Canadian Immigration Authority. In this case the student must produce the following documents to process a tuition refund: i. The original copy of the student’s written request and the completed application form for the tuition refund; ii. The original copy of the decline letter from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate; iii. The original copy of the official Acceptance Letter issued by the College; iv. The original copy of the tuition fee receipt issued by the College.
    When all of the above documents are received and verified, the College shall refund all the tuition fees to the applicant’s designated account. The refund shall be processed no later than two months after the written refund request, completed refund application form, and all other required documents are received.

  5. International students who withdraw their enrollment from the College and terminate the visa application process after accepting the Offer of Admission from the College and/or claim for a tuition refund when applying for student authorization will either have his/her tuition fee deposit confiscated by the College, or will be levied a penalty in the amount equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the College’s one-year full-time program tuition fee.

  6. International students who have been granted student authorization to study in Canada by the Canadian Immigration Authority with the College’s Acceptance Letter and/or any other documentation and assistance from the College will NOT be entitled to a refund of any fee, regardless of whether or not they have arrived in Vancouver.

  7. A current student whose application for a renewal or an extension of a study permit and/or temporary resident/visitor visa has been declined for any personal reasons, such as unsatisfactory academic performance, poor attendance, serious violation of the College’s rules and regulations, expulsion from the College, and/or whose study permit is revoked by the Canadian Immigration Authority, because of a violation or breach of the terms and conditions of the student’s authorization or temporary resident/visitor visa will NOT be entitled to a refund of any fees.

  8. Any student who has been given any form of scholarship, bursary, award, preferential financial package, tuition fee discount, and/or any other form of special financial incentive to study at the College is NOT entitled to a tuition refund.