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Principal’s Welcome

Dear Students and Parents,

At Vancouver International College (VIC) we are dedicated to providing the best education for international students from around the world.

For our international students, studying abroad is both challenging and rewarding. At VIC, our students are immersed in a Canadian culture, which allows them to improve their English language abilities dramatically.  While receiving education from a professional group of certified teachers, the students here graduate our program with the foundation for success in Universities either here in Canada or elsewhere around the globe.

This website has been designed to inform you about our courses and services, our faculty and staff, and our academic policies and procedures here at VIC. I invite you to navigate through to discover the quality and effective learning opportunities we provide. You will see that our courses and services have been carefully developed to equip students with qualifications and skills that are essential to meet the demanding requirements of Canadian universities and, later on, to succeed in their professional lives.

Our ESL and Secondary school credit courses set an ambitious goal of smoothing the transition difficulties that are often associated with first-year university studies. We help students develop confidence in their knowledge and communication skills so that they are fully prepared to face the challenges of university studies and keep up VIC’s reputation for academic excellence.

Our college is located in one of the most multicultural areas in the world – the Vancouver Lower Mainland.  Every year, students from around the globe choose our city to obtain their education. At VIC, we offer students a rigorous program of study in a modern educational facility, a friendly and supportive environment, and pay individual attention to each student’s needs.

At this stage you undoubtedly have many dreams and plans for the future, and I wish you all the best in the pursuit of your educational and personal goals. I look forward to welcoming you to our campus.